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"ALIENATED: A Fantastical Novel"
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Will the last survivor of Mars risk alienation to save Earth?

Read the novel that inspired the musical! This novel explores what happened to the lost civilization of Mars and how the last survivor copes with living on Earth. Part fiction, part theory, part historical fact, the novel weaves an amusing and fantastical journey of an alien outcast with powers
beyond his comprehension.

"Alienated" is a 238 page novel and includes photos of the 2006 stage musical that inspired the novel. Download the e-book and 'Get Alienated!'

PROLOGUE: A Little Man Named Mars

(taken from the novel "Alienated")
“Freak! Freakin’ little stick-boy,” taunted the taller of the two boys. The Delrizian boys towered over the small boy, who stood shaking against the wall, damaged by the insult. Although they were about the same age, the Delrizian boys were both much bigger and taller than him.

The bullies were both wearing uniball uniforms, and he recognized one of them from his history class. He was the last one to leave the classroom, and the boys had been waiting for him in the stairwell.

“I heard you were talkin’ to my girl, Dita,” said the taller one, and turned to spit out something he was chewing on while he was talking. “Is your name Mars?”

Mars didn’t get a chance to answer, as the taller boy punched him in the stomach. While he was bent over, he remembered Dita was a friend from history class. She had given him some Targoo gum, and he had helped her with her homework once, as he always got high marks; but they were just friends and he didn’t have many friends.

The other boy grabbed his collar. “Puke-eyed Martian brain, you think you’re so much smarter than the rest of us, don’tcha boy?”

Mars wrenched out of the boy’s grip and started to run, but realized he was three flights up! He ran so fast down the stairs that he tripped and tumbled down the bottom flight, scraping his hands on the pavement; one of his hands began to ooze green blood. He kept running. They chased him down the stairwell, past the cafeteria and across the uniball field. It was raining lightly, causing Mars to slip and fall on the wet grass. They caught up with him just as he was getting back up. One of the boys knocked the strange red hat off his head. Mars felt his heart pounding, his blood racing. His crazy green eyes began to glow. Instinctively, he put his hands out to the boys. “Stop!” he cried. The two boys were invisibly thrown back. They weren’t pushed back hard enough to be knocked to the ground, but it sufficiently spooked the boys, and they ran away. They never bothered him again.

He looked at his hands, befuddled. He didn’t know how he did this trick, and he thought it was just a fluke. Or was it because he was part Martian? He didn’t know. Later, he would discover that this unique ability would come to him only when he was in serious danger; but it was a mixed blessing. Although Mars was able to defend himself, his newfound abilities had only served to alienate him further.

* * *

There is a rhythm to the historical events that are constantly unfolding in our ever changing universe. Mars is part of that rhythm — an anomaly that would forever change the course of history. He is from another time and place, named after a lifeless red planet. But this is not the story of a lifeless planet. This is the story of a little man named Mars.