We gave $2,000 to "Kids In Distress," a shelter for alienated children. In a show of gratitude, they presented us with a plaque, drawn by one of their kids! (see photo, right)
The Amazon ray-guns could actually make FX sounds, glows in the dark, and shoot rings of smoke! (see photo, right)
Sherri Johnson and William Vallenilla created the 'Bronhilda One Series' Robot, the first 'flight comfort unit' aboard the AeroSpaceways fleet.  It had working lights and could talk! The look of the robot was due in part to the winners of the robot drawing contest. (see photo, right)
Liza Trainer created the 'Phobos Unit,' which served passengers cocktails, and also scanned passengers as they boarded. The robot is based on the evil robot from 'Dr. Who.'  The robot could actually move about on stage, as there is a bicycle inside!  Phobos is named after one of Mar's moons.
One day Disney-like animatronics will be added to the show, much like the ones you see at Disney World!  The future of useful androids is already here!
A cast member was at a stoplight 2 months after the show, when he heard "Flight 63 (You're Meant For Me)" blaring from the open car window stopped next to his!

Mars (Kris) wore green fluorescent contact lenses to make him more alien!

Several children have created their own Mars hats and costumes after seeing the show! (see photo, right).

A prominent producer is waiting to see the finished video once it is completed!

There will also be a documentary of the musical, entitled, "Mission To Mars: The Making Of A Cult Musical!"

The smoke machine set off the fire alarm on opening night, alerting the fire department, but the show continued after they left, because "the show must go on!"

Rusty Ellison, our lighting designer, is a jack of all trades, and also filmed Dave's interview with Mini-Mars, with Liza Trainer's help.

A new scene and song for the musical was shot after the live taped stage show!

In the upcoming documentary, Frida's nephew gets a special gift: A Chakra! And was he surprised! (see photo, right)

It took a year and a half for David Mann to create and record the backing tracks for the Mars Musical!

The entire show's music and video came out of 2 Apple laptops, which David Mann operated at the same time!

The animation took the animators over 6 months to create the clips used in the show; The prequel, which will be added to the film, was never seen before!

Star Trek calls it a Transporter.  The Mars Musical's Aerospaceways ship has a Transport Chamber...same thing.  Is it just sci-fi or could it happen?
Scientists in Australia have just accomplished the real thing!
For Adults   For Kids (easy read)
The original Mr. Oog and the choreographer who help create the "Alien Heatwave" dance both died a year after the last performance of the 1991 premiere? The film is dedicated to their memory...May their inspired "heatwave" dance live on...

The stage show that started it all...

In 1991, the original musical "Beware The Eyes Of Mars" (A/K/A "Alienated") had its first stage run. In 2006 the show was rewritten, renamed and restaged in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and enjoyed a successful 10 show run fom March 3rd to March 12, 2006. The show's profits went to the charity "Kids In Distress," a shelter for alienated children. The musical was filmed live and the soundtrack was re-recorded for the upcoming promotional film, "Alienated: A Fantastical Movie Musical."