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CDs and Books
Coming soon: Alienated cast album, Alienated Hard-cover novel, Captain Mars hat, Amazon ray-gun, Chakra peace sign, Mars T-Shirt, pins and poster.
  • Alienated: A Fantastical Novel (paperback)
    Alienated: A Fantastical Novel (paperback)

    Will the last survivor of Mars risk alienation to save Earth?

    This novel explores what happened to the lost civilization of Mars and how the last survivor copes with living on Earth. Part fiction, part theory, part historical fact, the novel weaves an amusing and fantastical journey of an alien outcast with powers beyond his comprehension.

    This 250 page fiction novel with pictures of the 2006 stage show that inspired the novel.

  • Alienated - The 2006 Cast Album Movie Soundtrack
    Alienated - The 2006 Cast Album Movie Soundtrack

    Relive the musical with this cast soundtrack from the 2006 live stage musical!a

  • Chakra Peace Sign Necklace
    Chakra Peace Sign Necklace

    Wear the amulet that Mars brought to Earth and helped him use his powers to bring peace to the galaxy and defeat the Amazons. Chakra is your aura and means "peace" in Martian. Groovy! Metallic peace sign comes attached to a nylon necklace.

  • Amazon Ray-Gun Blaster
    Amazon Ray-Gun Blaster

    Take over the Earth with the ray-guns used by the Amazons.  Has real sound and light effects and shoots real smoke rings! Batteries not included. Safe for children over 5 years old.

  • Captain Mars Delrizian™ Scout Cap
    Captain Mars Delrizian™ Scout Cap

    Wear the official Delrizian Scout Fleet Cap worn by Captain Mars!  Velcro allows for any size head. Safe for any age.

  • Alienated T-Shirt
    Alienated T-Shirt